About Us

The Persuasionworks co-founders comprise of a lawyer, a physician, and a search engine optimization and PPC expert. All of us utterly fascinated with internet commerce.We have been online for over 16 years.

We started by writing marketing eBooks and selling affiliate and other marketing software.

As the internet matured - so did we. We decided we could provide better value to our customers if we moved away from the piecemeal software model. We set about developing an integrated business and marketing suite.

We now manage a large team of software engineers and marketers - right across the globe.


With our software, customers have the technical means to capture, manage, and support prospects and customers from the first site visit right through to points of sale and product support.

Now our business clients don't have to worry about marketing software - we included it on our suite. The whole marketing process is assessed with 'closed-loop' analytics to improve sales conversions and reduce marketing costs. The system also uses analytics to assess profit and business processes.

There's no need to upload, download, update, maintain, backup or be anxious about internet technology or server uptime. It's all included!

The entry pricepoint for this software was initially very high - but now we are able to offer our suite at very reasonable rates. Our software is cloud-based, and integrates marketing, leads, and sales, and analytics. Please see our Software Suite.


Many of our software customers are too busy running their business thus we are happy to market for you.

Right from the inception we provided internet marketing services including Online Strategy, Prospect Segmentation, eMail Marketing, PPC Management, and SEO. When Social Marketing became popular we stepped right in - both to develop software and to provide social media services.

We now provide services to complement our software system. You can also engage us without obtaining our software:

  • Strategic Direction: We liaise with you to ascertain your company's marketing and business goals.
  • Market Audit: Audit the effectiveness of your current website (or a new product idea).
  • Prospect Segmentation: Segment your prospects through Persuasionworks' comprehensive system.
  • Keyword Research: We conduct professional keyword research and produce a Keyword Blueprint for your website and business.
  • Constant Promotion: We market for you by utilizing search engines, social media, managed PPC, neuromarketing tactics, email marketing, press releases, videos, audios and other advertising.

No Marketing Contracts!

Our marketing services are month-by-month with NO contracts. We'll get you started with Lead Geeneration, SEO, and Social Media Marketing and then you can opt for a maintenance plan.

If you want to do everything yourself - that's okay too. Any way you choose you'll always have control of your marketing.

Agencies & Wholesalers

Many of our customers are Internet Marketing Agencies, Web Designers, and Wholesalers. We have made it super easy for you to run your own business under your own name. Persuasionworks Software Suite is completley REBRANDABLE.

Set your own prices and get selling within a few hours.

You get your own Control Panel and your customers also their own Control Panel. We support you and you support your customers. They'll never know about Persuasionworks.

FREE Internet Marketing Information

We redeveloped our many eBooks into FREE marketing information.