Keys to a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

By Sarah Jamieson

Keys to a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program. Affiliate programs basically involve a merchant paying affiliates to act as salespeople for the merchant's products.

Affiliates introduce prospects to the merchant’s website, and earn a commission when a prospect buys from the merchant.

In this series on how to start a successful affiliate marketing program, I take you through the steps to create an effective program that affiliates will love:

How an Effective Affiliate Marketing Program Works - What makes an affiliate marketing program successful? Why do many affiliates fail, and what can you do as a merchant to help your affiliates perform well?

Affiliate Tracking Software vs. Affiliate Networks - As a merchant, you need affiliate tracking software to manage your affiliates' referrals, commissions, and payments. Should you choose a program you own, or an affiliate network?

Affiliate Commissions - If your product and commission offer are good enough, you can persuade key players in your market to become your affiliates. This article explains what high-performing affiliates are looking for.

How to Find Quality Affiliates - Finding targeted, motivated affiliates is your first order of business as you start your own affiliate marketing program. Here, four top ways to find high-quality affiliates.

4 Make or Break Affiliate Marketing Factors - Four factors you may not have thought of that can really make the difference between success and failure for your affiliate marketing program.

10 Tips to Create a Program Affiliates Love - If you want to attract affiliates and keep them loyal, structure your program around these guidelines. They will help to ensure that both you and your affiliates peacefully make money.