Keys to a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program:

4 Make or Break Affiliate Marketing Factors

By Sarah Jamieson

A great affiliate program provides affiliates with much more than just tracking links!

Before your first affiliate comes on board, there’s a lot you’ve got to do to ensure that the program runs smoothly.

These are four affiliate marketing program "extras" that you may not have thought of, but they can really make the difference between success and failure ...

Affiliate Marketing Plan

To build your affiliate marketing program, develop a marketing plan that targets sites geared to affiliates as well as sites that complement, rather than compete, with you.

If you make barbeque grills, look for someone selling hot dogs!

Strongly advise potential affiliates that if their site doesn’t fit with your product, you’ll both lose out. This will help to discourage people with inappropriate sites from applying for your program.

Offer a competitive commission rate to attract quality affiliates.

Affiliate Contract

Draw up a contract, either by yourself or via your lawyer. Check out the contracts of other affiliate sites and adapt them to your own needs.

Affiliate Site Package

You have to do a thorough job in helping your affiliates set up their sites. Give them:

- Your logo

- HTML code

- Graphics, and

- A manual for instruction and troubleshooting.

These things should be the minimum available for download. Since this package will affect your prospects' first impression of you, make sure it’s a great-looking package. Provide value!

Affiliate Training Program

You’ve worked hard to learn the ins and outs of marketing, and you can increase the effectiveness of your sales force by passing the know-how on to them. Give your affiliates tips for marketing their sites and increasing sales.

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