Keys to a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program:

How to Find Quality Affiliates

By Sarah Jamieson

How to Find Quality Affiliates. Finding targeted, motivated affiliates is your first order of business as you start your own affiliate marketing program.

The key is to think like an affiliate. Recognize that they are your partners. Pay them a competitive commission rate.

Before you go out to recruit, get the basics working like a Swiss watch ...

Test and tweak your website so it has the highest conversion rate possible. This will make all your marketing channels perform better, and it will help to earn your affiliates' loyalty.

Ensure your affiliate program nuts and bolts are working smoothly. Test the entire process affiliates will go through. Recruit some pre-launch testers to help.

Okay, now you're ready to go out and recruit some affiliates ...

Find Your Competitors' Affiliates

Sometimes finding and handpicking your own affiliates is the best way to go.

Here’s a slick trick to find targeted affiliates:

Sites that link to your competitors are potential affiliates for you! Here's how to find out who's linking to your competitors.

Do a Google search on:

(Replace with a competitor's domain name).

You'll see the sites linking to your competitor. Note down those that would make good affiliates. Repeat this process with another competitor.

Mine Your Existing List

Look at your existing email list and customer database for potential affiliates. These are users who already like and trust you and have an interest in your market!

Complementary Partnerships

Look for businesses that are related to what you sell, but are not direct competitors. A site that is already successfully operating in a related market is a highly valuable potential partner!

Make personal contact with the site owners and offer a persuasive case why your partnership would be a win-win. Offer these sites a special high commission rate.

Participate in Industry Forums

Forums are a good place to make contact with potential affiliates. Participate in forums in your market.

Make sure you read the forum's rules before posting. If it's allowed, create a compelling signature file

Start by establishing your credibility. Look for questions you can answer and give helpful replies.

Ensure your posts follow the rules and are genuinely helpful and not marketing-oriented.

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