Affiliate Marketing Training

By Sarah Jamieson

This Affiliate Marketing Training course was created for affiliate marketers who want to build a profitable long-term online business. Many experienced marketers, also known as 'super affiliates', DO earn a great deal of money and this training partially replicates what they do.

This affiliate marketing training series covers the following topics:

Do Affiliate Marketing Programs Work? In this article I answer that YES they do work - but only if the affiliate follows common sense online business guidelines.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliates marketing allows affiliates to earn a commission when they refer a visitor to a merchant's website, and the visitor then makes a purchase.

How to Find The Best Affiliate Programs - Just like any other marketing,"making the numbers work" is an important aspect of affiliate numbers. To assess the best affiliate programs in your market, you'll need to ensure the numbers work with the type of online marketing you want to do ...

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: As an affiliate, you must give prospects a reason to buy through your link - and then come back and spend money with you again and again. This is not easy to do.

Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls - Lack of control is a huge problem for affiliates. In this article I take you through many of the 'control' problems faced by affiliate marketers.

Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategies: In this article I provide a tried and true model for internet marketing affiliates.

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