eMail Marketing Tips and Best Practices:

How eMail Marketing Works

By James Atkinson, LLB

eMail Marketing Tips and Best Practices: How eMail Marketing Works: A crucial element of your online sales process is capturing the eMail address of prospects and then marketing to them via a number of pre-determined messages.

Assuming you have a few backend products or services, the process works something like this:

    1. Traffic Sources
      All traffic sources are directed to an eMail opt-in. Buyers are automatically captured and become a part of your eMail list.Some marketers send referrer leads direct to a sales page (see the RED lines) but I do not recommend this as it may be structured in such as way so to be against Google's Adwords Rules. In any event, conversion rates are generaly very low with these systems. In any event, if you do this then you should attempt to capture the eMail addresses of visitors who do NOT buy.


    1. Front and Back End Segment Management
      Segment management is an important part of eMail List Marketing.Prospects should be carefully directed to the correct eMail Campaign by segmentation, place in the search continuum, or any other way you organize your eMail Campaigns. See generally: market segmentation


    1. eMail Management
      eMail is a very important persuasion point in your sales process. Your eMail Campaigns should be carefully constructed to move the prospect towards a Sales Page. See: eMail Marketing Software.Also see: Persuasion Psychology; and Consumer Psychology.


  1. Sales & Delivery Management
    After prospects / customers have read a Sales Letter and you have made a sale, return their details to 2 above: Front and Back End Segment Management.If you have not made a sale then return the customer to a modified process to deal with that non-buying. It can all be handled in your CRM.

Let's now move to "Getting the eMail Opt-in".

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