eMail Marketing Tips and Best Practices:

PPC List Building

By James Atkinson, LLB

eMail Marketing Tips: PPC List Building: A few years ago it was quite economical to build marketing lists from the search network – especially if you had a range of backend products. If you find that Adwords search network is too expensive for list building then I suggest the Display Network.

This of course may depend upon your market. Many marketers find that almost every market is expensive for list building. Now, together with the list building tips mentioned in thsi series, I mostly use the display network to build lists - inexpensively. Many so-called gurus advise their customers to stay clear of the display network (formally known as the Content Network) as being less relevant or less targeted. I couldn’t disagree more.

In addition, I have found that my direct marketing costs in the display network are considerably lower. I can do this relatively easily on the internet because the result or outcomes from online ad marketing are usually very good. That is, it’s economically viable to build eMail lists on the Display Network.

Of course you can lose a bundle if you place ads stupidly. Google will just keep eating your credit card funds – without so much as a thank-you.

Google Quality Scores & Conversion

Please review Google's Adwords Policy before you use PPC for list building. When I make an Adwords placement on Google, I usually prepay so the money’s gone out of my account before the ad is displayed.

However, my marketing experience indicates that a “GREAT” QUALITY SCORE ad on Google Adwords CONVERTS AT A HIGHER RATE - BUT COSTS LESS.

That is, costs are much less vis-à-vis a “good” or “poor” Google quality score.

This little marketing contradiction evolved because Google’s business model is to create super relevance and a good experience for the SEARCHER. In contrast, most offline ad purveyors such as magazines, TV, and newspapers trip over themselves to meet the needs of advertisers.

Google’s endless search for relevance is a huge opportunity for the online entrepreneur:

Relevance = Conversion = Higher Profits;

Higher Profits = More Ads = More Profits.

Yes, inexpensive traffic is another key to a successful internet business.

Squeeze Pages

Many marketers use a "Squeeze Page" to capture email addresses, but in many markets this is no longer viable. A Squeeze Page captures eMail address – it’s the sole thing the prospective subscriber can do on that page or even on the site. This type of site is considered as too 'thin' by Google and Squeeze Pages are probably against Google's Adwords Rules.

Test for yourself whether using a squeeze page will deliver better results as against my suggestions above.

Linking Between Sales and Content / Social Pages

Google does not usually index sales pages and indeed I have found that having sales pages linked to content may reduce page rank. On the other hand having CONTENT pages connected to Sales Pages increases Google Quality Score and thus reduces PPC costs.

There also is another reason I separate sales pages from content and social pages. Readers seeking information or connection in a marketplace often don’t want to be bothered with sales pages!

I consider the ‘human value’ element of my content and social sites as being very important.

So, link your PPC opt-in / sales pages to content or social sites - but limit links from your content to PPC Sales Pages.

I have argued with “gurus” about the above point. Many of them assert that ANY links from opt-in or sales pages are a distraction.

Yes, this is correct but you need to do this nevertheless – if you want to reduce your traffic costs. I have done experiment after experiment with Google’s Quality Score.

PPC costs ARE reduced when you link PPC pages to content.

This applies only to PPC opt-in and sales pages. You can create separate sales pages from say an email campaign and exclude the content links.

After the Opt-in

Once a person has opted-in to your list it is much easier to roll out your persuasion process and gently direct the prospect towards your sales letter.

eMail Marketing Technology Note

There are basically three ways to deliver your eMail autoresponder marketing messages:

- run your own software with a DIY model,

- paid delivery providers such as aWeber, and

- providers such as Persuasionworks where all functions of eMail marketing are integrated and hassle free.

In the former two instances you need to build opt-in and analytics capabilities into your systems. This is technically difficult and time consuming and often does not provide adequate marketing analytics.

Analytics are vital for successful list building - especially if you use PPC. I discuss eMail and Analytics in Step 7.

eMail Analytics are a breeze with Persuasionworks Premium Business Software. You can simply ignore the technological requirements and adjustments a enjoy state-of-the-art analytics results delivered to your Dashboard.

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