Market Segmentation:

Segmentation and Keywords

By James Atkinson, LLB

Market Segmentation and Keywords: Your survey also connects keywords to segments. That is, your survey will identify the different keywords used by each segment to search for information.

Properly segmenting your market is an important marketing process. Through surveys you can discover what each unique group in your market wants.

You can then customize your persuasion messages to target the needs of each segment. This is a highly effective form of marketing.

Different segments use different keywords, which reflect their distinct needs. A survey tells you the language that your market uses. And so you discover the keywords each segments uses.

This means you can keyword-target your Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads and organic search results specifically to each segment! For any given keyword in your market, you’ll know what segment is likely to be searching on it.

This is very powerful!

Let me explain why targeting segments by keyword helps you. One of the biggest mistakes internet marketers make is to target their messages to the whole market. This is very ineffective marketing.

You will get much better results from creating different marketing messages targeted to each segment’s specific needs than you will from using a “one size fits all” message for everyone in the market.

In other words, once you know that a certain keyword is searched on by a particular segment, you can write a PPC ad for that keyword that targets the segment.

You can immediately get attention and interest by “calling out” the segment and its most-desired benefits in your advertisement. The result is dramatically pumped-up traffic and sales!

Search Continuum

Surveys facilitate discovery of a market’s segments and thus its search continuum. That is, the progression of inquiry taken by searchers in the pursuit of information, connection, or product purchase.

For example, the information each segment of your market wants to learn, and in what order.

With this information in hand, you can then educate prospects about how their needs can be met. You provide ultra-relevant content.

When you supply your prospects with ultra-relevant content you in effect “take your prospect off the market”. That is, they stop searching for information because you are providing all the material they require.

By educating prospects about how you can meet their needs, you build relationships with them. Relationships lead to sales!

Converting “pre-buyers” into buyers is a process often ignored by competitors.

Hyper-responsive Prospects

When you conduct a proper survey it will help you discover the most “hyper-responsive” segments in your market.

Hyper-responsive segments can account for up to 90% of your sales! You will make much more money by focusing on meeting all of their needs, rather than giving time to low-response segments.

You can target hyper-responsives in your advertising, develop products to meet all their needs, and give them excellent service and support.

Priority of Needs

Surveys assist you to discover the priority of needs for each segment in the market plus and the level of importance they place on different features. Thus, you’ll know exactly how to organize your product and sales copy.

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