Online Market Research

How to Find Profitable Markets With Online Tools

By Persuasionworks Team

Online market research is crucial to find profitable markets or assess your current market.

There's a huge amount of valuable market research data online that you can benefit from. This course will show you how to find profitable markets using a Market Scorecard process.

You MUST assess a market’s profit capacity before you do any research surveys, product creation, or internet marketing.

Brainstorm Ideas, Skills, and Passions

Take this questionnaire to help you unlock potential markets in your own interest areas, skills, and experiences:

  • What is your current job, and what are some other jobs you have had?
  • What work-related experience / skills do you have?
  • What subjects have you studied (e.g. at university, technical college, apprenticeship, or other classes)?
  • What are some of your life experiences / achievements / skills (large or small)?
  • What problems have you solved in your life (large or small)?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • What are the last five non-money making related books or magazines that you read?
  • View the non-money making web sites you’ve visited recently (check browser history). View the non-money making sites you’ve bookmarked. What kind of themes do you see?
  • How did you meet your friends (not friends from work)?
  • What do you enjoy talking about with your friends?
  • What social and / or interest-related groups do you belong to (online and offline)?
  • What do you like to do when you’re not working?
  • List any other interests / skills / experiences.

Keyword Market Discovery

Uncover hidden markets by entering the following terms into your favorite keyword tool, such as the Google Keyword Planner:

  • "how to"
  • "tips"
  • "resources"
  • "training"
  • "guide"
  • "information about", "information on"
  • "help"
  • "treatment", "treatment of", "treatment for"
  • "cure for", "cure my"

For example, for the keyword “acne” create the key phrase “cure for acne” and so forth.

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