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How to Use Market Research Websites to Find Profitable Niches

Part 2 of Online Market Research

By Persuasionworks Team

These market research sites can help you discover a huge range of ideas. Learn which markets actually have buyers in them, and take advantage of the research the large shopping sites have already completed - for example, you can see the bestselling products in a market.

Market Research With Category Listing Sites

These sites have already done a lot of market research for you. They’ve invested a lot of time and money to find out what appeals to visitors.

They’ve organized interests by broad market category and then broken them down into smaller sub-categories or niches.

It’s helpful to look at sites that list what’s actually selling. It means the market has real buyers in it.

When you dig into a market, you can see how many niches there are inside that market, and which niche has the most product / store listings.

The niches with more listings indicate a wealthier market – more interest and more sales. On many of these sites, you can also sort the results to show bestselling products at the top within a category.

This will also give you an idea of what niches and topics are popular within a market:

Market Research With Magazine Sites

An offline magazine is a good sign for a market. It means the market is a decent size and has enough money in it to support advertisers – and ads in magazines cost a lot of money - much more than online ads:

Other Market Research Sites

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