Online Marketing Strategies: Online Strategic Environment

By James Atkinson, LLB

Online Marketing Strategies: Many factors sway online markets so when a business considers its online marketing strategies, management should be aware of the overarching online environment that influences your particular online market:

Online Marketing Strategies

The Overarching Environment

These factors include: technology, finance, the economy, the geography of your market, political and geopolitical variables, legal issues and so on.


Market Prospects

You need to understand the needs and desires of your market prospects, market segmentation and of the persuasion psychology necessary to move that market. These are important to your overall strategy. Yur prospects are online in three broad groups: those seeking social connection, prospects wanting to buy NOW, and prospects looking for general or particular product information.


The Social Environment

The psychological urge for people to belong to like-minded communities is very strong. So, you should be aware of the communities that exist in the market you wish to enter.


Stakeholders and Competition

There will be many stake holders within and around your online market. You must have a good understanding of your direct and indirect competition.

Online competition is good for your business. It indicates that there is money in the market. I show below shows how you can assess and find ways to beat your competition.


Your Internal Business Process

Your initial analysis must include the ability of your business to affect your persuasion strategy and then to service your customers. Your strategy impacts upon all of your internal processes.

Discovering the stake holders, communities, information seekers and buyers in your marketplace is relatively easy. We provide a process of online market research.

For a strategic roadmap that includes all of the above issues see: SEO Strategic Roadmap. In the alternative we provide online strategic services.

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