Why Lugano?

James Atkinson - Sunday, February 16, 2014

One of the wonderful things about running an internet business is you can basically do it from anywhere.

Well…you need some place with a good internet connection – but that’s about it! Everything else is just noise and – if you want to be an expatriate – getting the right visas.

You couldn’t pick a better place than Switzerland. Internet connectivity is absolutely first class. I believe practically everyone has fibre to the home available.

In Australia, where I come from, the politicians still argue about fibre to the home or fibre to the ‘node’. The latter, supported by the conservative side of politics, means fast internet connectivity to a ‘node’ which then uses the old copper telephone wires to connect to the home.

The ‘node’ option is a bit like having a sixteen lane freeway compress into a rutted, unpaved and used up bullock cart track. Poor Australia, it’s now in the hands of conservative politicians who don’t know a node from their nose! And they supposedly support business!

Anyway, I’m running my business from the wonderful shores of Lake Lugano - and thank goodness my internet connection is great!

So, why Lugano?

Well, today’s photo shows one reason. The place is utterly beautiful.

Also, I’m right in the middle of Europe. This is about as central as you can get for any internet business! I know I know…you can run an internet business from the moon and it would still work. But the personal face to face never hurts does it?

Italy is a few k’s down the road, and Switzerland is surrounded by Austria, Lichtenstein, Germany, and France. The rest of Western Europe is about an hour away by air.

There’s a prop-jet Lugano to Zurich that hops over the alps for around 59CHF – about US$80 – and because Zurich is a financial centre there are planes to London City Airport throughout the day.

The London City airport has been going since 1987 but no one seems to have heard of it! There’s free wifi at the airport and since it’s only three miles from Canary Wharf and seven miles to the City – what’s there to complain about! I never have to fight all that horrible Heathrow traffic!

OK…first blog off the rank. Next I am going to give a summary of what I'll primarily blog about over the coming months.