SEO Copywriting:
7 Step Blog Content

By James Atkinson, LLB

Blog narratives and blog content are a powerful way to communicate with prospects. The next image is derived from Joseph Campbell’s epic study of myth and narrative. As I write a blog narrative I try to fit it into a schema I show below.

Why do I do this?

Well, it’s clear that human beings love to hear stories and a properly structured story resonates in a reader’s mind as being “correct” or “right”. It’s a way to enhance authority and show that you have experience in a particular field. For more on 'authority' see: Persuasion Psychology.

It’s not really difficult to do. Each of the seven stages need only be one sentence. Or you can write a series of stories or blogs that take a reader through each of the seven stages.

You can focus on one stage – for example, Stage 2 but you will need to encompass some of the other stages at some time.

Just adapt the stages to your own requirements. I have found it very useful to think of my blogs as a seven-step narrative process. In your blogs, the topics you cover can be anywhere on the levels of narrative shown below.

7 step blog content

Here’s an example of how this can work in the ‘internet marketing’ field:

  1. This is everyday life for someone who is technologically savvy or works within any particular field.
  2. You lose your job because of the Global Financial Crisis, or you’re down-sized, or there’s a dramatic change in your industry. You need to feed the family and you look at a number of options to start your own business.
  3. You decide to start your own internet business and then you go online to begin researching how this is done.
  4. It does not take long before you are in the clutches of a whole heap of ‘gurus’ and demons. They all want your money and you can’t afford to get things wrong.
  5. Then, you meet your wizard. He or she shows you the correct way to solve the problem and defeat the demons. This wizard has already been down the road you need to take. But you are only shown the pot holes in the road. You need to find your OWN way.
  6. You make the right decisions to do things YOUR way – but it’s never an easy process. You will make mistakes but that’s the only way to succeed – learn by doing.
  7. At last – you succeed! But don’t hold this knowledge to yourself because that is selfish and leaves the story incomplete. You must return to share your boon with your particular community.

The above elements encompass just about every successful story, novel, movie, or narrative. Try it: analyze and think about the storyline in: Star Wars, Harry Potter, ET, and so on.

Use the power of narrative to increase the power of your blogs.

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Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, Bollingen Series, 1968.

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