SEO Strategy

By James Atkinson, LLB and Sarah Jamieson

This SEO Strategy overview is designed both for business owners and SEO Copywriters. SEO is not merely a technical skill or something you do in isolation. You have to approach SEO with an understanding of how and why searchers look online for solutions to a need or problem.

The top blue box shows an idealized process where potential prospects in your market perceive a need and then move towards a sales point > Buy. The process does not happen in a linear order but an online business must do SEO so that the business is visible at all the different places where prospects enter an online market... and so begin an online journey towards the sale. The top line is sometimes referred to as a market's Search Continuum. Click any of the prospect actions in the blue box below:

SEO strategy tutorial

The yellow box on the bottom right is software required for marketing and customer management. There is little point in going through the expense of SEO and other marketing if you don't have software to manage the prospects and customers you obtain from your efforts.

The remaining box on the bottom left shows the actions a business owner / web copywriter must undertake to market online. You can see form the image that there is are a lot of preliminary actions you need to take BEFORE you start doing SEO. Click any of the icons.

For more technical SEO processes see: What is SEO?, SEO Marketing - Introduction, SEO TIps, SEO Tutorial: Keywords, SEO Marketing - Site Structure.

For a the highest vista of SEO and social marketing see SEO Strategic Roadmap. Our services are designed to complement our software and provide strategic and tactical support as illustrated in the image.

Prospects In Your Marketplace

Buyer Persuasion Points - Your overall aim in doing SEO is to take your prospects "off the market” at every 'persuasion point' in the marketplace. That is, you need to ensure that prospects who find you, at any stage of the search continuum, look to YOU to be their only point of information - and ultimately of sales. In this article, I show each persuasion point and the actions you need to take.

Sales Prospects Perceive a Need - Your SEO Strategy should be underpinned by the idea that search engines are used to solve problems or satisfy particular needs. The need always has a 'starting point' and an end point > the sale - and everything in-between is part of a search continuum.

The Search Continuum - Searchers tends to search on keywords in a certain order, usually progressing from general to specific. Often, searchers find new information with each search. They do a search and read some of the results. This leads them to realize they will need to refine their original search based on what they’ve learned from reading.

Educating Online Prospects - When searchers seek information they are NOT particularly receptive to advertising or sales letters – they are looking for educative information! This is a golden opportunity for you to engage your market as they search for solutions. You can use your content and interactions with them to shape their views of the market and then position yourself as an authority in that market.

Social Media Strategy - Millions of searchers, looking for a solution to a problem or need, choose to engage socially with others in the online marketplace. Your strategy with social media is to gain trust and build a community. By doing this you create the ideal conditions for sales.

The Sales Pitch - Your SEO Strategy and reciprocal relationships must at some point include a 'sales pitch' because untimately the whole purpose of being online is to make sales!

The Sales Letter - Your Sales Letter is the culminating point of your reciprocal relations, persuasion strategy, and sales process.

Search Marketing

Strategic Direction - For more see Persuasionworks Online Strategy.

Website / Market Audit - We conduct website and market audits as part of our SEO Services - see SEO Strategic Roadmap.

Constant Promotion - see - Persuasionworks SEO Strategic Roadmap.

SEO Software

Persuasionworks has a full suite of integrated Premium Business Software is designed to make SEO tasks easier and more effective.

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