SEO Tips

By James Atkinson, LLB

SEO Tips: There is a little-known but extremely powerful way to make Google fall in love with your site. Here are a few reasons you should pay attention to this method:

  • It is 100% white hat and search engine friendly. It does not involve any deceptive black hat tricks.

  • It works with the search engines to meet their highest goal: RELEVANCE. Make Google your partner rather than your enemy.

  • Many sites that use this method outrank competitors who have much larger and older sites, much higher PageRank, and many more inbound links.
  • It works by building your site’s authority, expertise, and relevance across a range of keywords.
  • It is the ultimate way to become a trusted authority site in the eyes of the search engines.
  • It is the definitive way to achieve high rankings across your whole market by presenting yourself to the search engines as the critical authority and expert source of information in your market
  • This method achieves long-lasting, stable rankings that don’t need constant tweaking. Unlike with black hat practices, you won’t wake up one morning and find your rankings gone.

Build Your Business as a Win-Win-WIN-Win

By its nature search engine optimization involves four parties: you the optimizer, the engines, the social networks, and your prospects / customers. If you build your web sites to give the search engines, social networks, and your visitors what they want you will create a long-lasting asset for yourself: a win-win-win-win situation.

The critical goal of SEO is not merely to gain high rankings, but also to hold onto that high rank through various algorithm changes. The work you put in today will be worth even more in the future, because you are building on solid, timeless foundations so your business will be around for the long term.

In a few words: you must give the search engines, social networks, and your visitors exactly what they want: quality relevant content.

The search engines have always want relevant content and always will. So do your visitors – they want to get their questions answered and problems solved as quickly as possible. Answering searchers’ questions quickly and accurately with relevant results is what the search engines’ existence depends on.

So if you focus on solving your visitor’s problems and being relevant to their needs, you’ll not only build trust and loyalty with your visitors, you’ll also make the search engines and social networks your long-term partners. Everyone wins!

Any system or business usiness model that does not put the best interests of the search engines and your visitors first is bound to fail. The engines are your partners and the source of your traffic and income.

Give them what they want, and they will give you what you want: a true business asset that will bring rankings, traffic, and sales now and for the long term.

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