Web Analytics

By James Atkinson, LLB

Web Analytics is the process of tracking, testing, and optimizing both your marketing and business processes to scientifically maximize performance and profits.

Google, Amazon, and eBay track and test religiously. These market leaders truly have a culture of analytics. Take one small example: Amazon endlessly tests different variations of its “Add to Cart” button! Why? Because testing one button against another indicates the “Add to Cart” that triggers the most sales.

In this series of articles I show the following:

Setting Up an Evidence Based Business: Virtually everything in an online business can be tracked, tested, and optimized. The web is a goldmine of opportunities just waiting for companies and marketers willing to adopt an analytics culture of - Quantitative Intelligence + Action.

Track Test and Optimize: In marketing and business you need to Track, Test and Optimize - that is: Track how you’re currently doing, test new ideas and options, and implement what you’ve learned to improve or optimize results.

Planning and Process:When you market online you’ll find that there is much planning that requires process and much process that requires planning. I show some simple methods that can help your internet marketing strategies.

Exploiting Business Metrics - You, the small eBusiness entrepreneur, can also benefit from technology convergence and business metrics. And the important thing to realize is that each of the attributes below can easily be measured, tested, and optimized.

Creating Business Growth - There are basically three ways to grow any business. Making continuous improvements in these three areas is a key to exponential growth:

7 Business Growth Ideas Using Web Analytics - I show seven business growth ideas using web analytics.

Marketing Metrics - Measuring and evaluating a range of marketing metrics is absolutely crucial for online marketing and business success. I show a number of measurable attributes essential for marketing:

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